Beth Shuman, Founder + CEO

8 Faces effortless natural products encourage the practice of self-care, providing transformative experiences for the body, mind and soul.

How are you feeling today?
I’m feeling great, happy that spring is in the air and we are outside playing more :)

I love the name of your company, can you tell us how the name came to you and its meaning?
Throughout history, people have honored the moon as a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm of time and transformation. It was believed that the 8 phases of the lunar cycle symbolized the 8 faces of a goddess, each representing a different aspect of a woman. We believe that ritual self-care can be a transformative and rewarding experience. I also feel 8 is a powerful number and symbol and the name just resonated.

We believe that ritual self-care can be a transformative and rewarding experience.

What happened in the past that made you transition to becoming a founder of a beauty brand?
After living a hectic lifestyle as a TV producer, I noticed stress-related changes to my skin and wanted to create an all-in-one product that's highly effective and easy to use. I didn’t intend to start a brand, but things started to align and I stepped away from TV to give this my all and it’s been a lot of fun and hard work and I often joke that I’m producing my favorite show.

Silky smooth non greasy texture
Amla Berry one of nature’s most potent super-fruits

Your balm is so special, I use it daily and it has helped with scars on my lower lip, the smell is so nice too… how did this creation happen?
It took me about two years of playing around with the process of creating a balm and creating the scent with various essential oils. I was a textbook kitchen chemist and became slightly obsessed with researching ingredients, techniques to create the texture and the scent was my favourite part. I wanted something universally appealing and uplifting yet calming. I was living in NYC at the time and many people within smelling distance often commented on how amazing my apt smelled :) One thing lead to another and I partnered with a lab to tweak what I started, partnered with a world class design firm to create the brand and then for lack of a better word, things started to organically fall into place.

How do you manage daily stress?
Getting out of the house as much as possible. I go on a long walk each morning with my son who is turning one and my rescue pup. We get coffee, stroll around the neighbourhood and I think it sets the tone for each of us.

The price point of your balm is high, how do you explain to a consumer the value in the bottle?
The price might be considered on the higher side, but it's a concentrated blend of 18 USDA certified organic ingredients. You really don't need very much, a scoop is included and a pea size or less is all you need if you were going to us for face care for example. A jar can last more than 6 months. Our packaging is premium and comes from Italy. It's the kind of jar you keep at your bedside or desk-side. It’s a go to product that can be used for face, hands/cuticles, beard oil, scars, ends of hair, AM/PM skincare for face by layering into your routine. Our customers often comment about how long the jar lasts, a little does go along way. Our key ingredient Amla Berry is so incredible, it's a super-fruit with an abundance of Vitamin C (20x of an orange and 75x antioxidants of blueberries) it fights free radical damage and brings and fresh glow to your skin.

8 uses of Boundless Solid Oil

A jar can last more than 6 months. Our packaging is premium and comes from Italy. It's the kind of jar you keep at your bedside or desk-side.

By The People is all about slow living, how do you apply slow living to your lifestyle?
I have a little cottage and it's the one place where I can really slow down. Being out in nature, on the water and with friends is the best. Being mindful everyday is something I’m trying to put into practice. Having a young child really brought being present to my attention. I’m always thinking about a million things and when he’s around I ground myself and just be.

Slow Living

Who are some other makers you admire, or products you love?
I’ve recently discovered OIO labs, they have lovely formulations, I especially love the natural retinol treatment. I love matcha ninja, Greenhouse juice almond milk, good goddess curtonic. And I have a huge respect for all the makers out there putting their heart, soul and intention into creating beautiful products that are good for us and the planet.

Are you reading anything special right now?
I’m reading The Nourishing Traditions book of baby and child care.

What is your life philosophy?

Make it count