10oz Altum [High] Single Wick Candle

$ 55.00 CAD
$ 55.00 CAD

10oz Altum [High] Single Wick Candle

$ 55.00 CAD
$ 55.00 CAD
A euphoric dream state of relaxation and contentment. With feet firmly grounded, breathe deeply – open your mind to a heightened state of clarity, focus and intent. We pay homage to the ancient modality of Ayurveda, reinterpreting it in a modern way. Potent essential oils are purposely blended with fine fragrance to create rich and luxurious scent composition, with combined benefits of aromatherapy and Ayurvedic qualities. 10oz / 60hr burn Each artisanal candle is handcrafted using traditional methods in Vancouver, Canada and make use of the finest quality ingredients including premium soy wax, pure cotton wicks, natural essential oils and perfume grade fine fragrance.
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    Cedar, Cannabis, Sandalwood ~~~~~~~~~ Each candle is made from the finest, local and ethically sourced materials. We use simple, high-quality ingredients, free of any potentially harmful additives. We choose to work with premium soy wax as it burns cleanly, consistently and longer than traditional paraffin candles. Soy wax is also natural and washes away easily with a soap and water. Our fragrance is the highest quality, cosmetic-grade. We use a combination of natural, essential oils and perfume-grade fine fragrance. We use 100% cotton wicks free from any metal cores.
  • Brand
    Vancouver Candles
  • Story
    Vancouver Candle Co. was started as the creative passion of a corporate couple. The duo began experimenting with scent formulations for their own personal use. Their passion for candle making was ignited when studying the ingredients in a luxury candle they’d been burning at home. Unsatisfied with the quality and composition, they began mixing natural waxes with their own personal fragrances. “We love the way scents have the ability to help us reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings.” Turning their passion into a business was serendipitous. After one of them was made redundant at their job, the hobby soon became a career. Blending their inherent passion for the arts and fascination with the power of scents led them to create a brand rich in tradition and integrity. Their ongoing dedication to the craft of candle making, along with the ability to create unique scent compositions lead to the conception and now cult-like following of Vancouver Candle Co. - a name that pays homage to their home, the place where it all began and where each candle is still produced today.
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