Dermaroller Kit

$ 50.00 CAD
$ 50.00 CAD

Dermaroller Kit

$ 50.00 CAD
$ 50.00 CAD
Create your inner glow right at home with this Dermaroller Kit. Kit includes: 1 dermaroller + 3 replacement roller heads, 3 disinfectant cups, & 1 case. Size: 0.25mm titanium needles. Made in the United States of America
  • Notes
    Size: 0.25mm titanium needles
  • Brand
    Love & Pebble
  • Story
    After many years of many more products tried, I discovered a truth that is the core message to Love & Pebble today. You are beautiful, something people sometimes don't know. But it is in your body's power to heal and nurture itself that you see your true beauty revealed. All of our products at Love & Pebble have a core belief to amplify the idea that true beauty comes from the heart. Inspiring your inner glow!
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