Great Thinkers by The School of Life

$ 30.00 CAD
$ 30.00 CAD

Great Thinkers by The School of Life

$ 30.00 CAD
$ 30.00 CAD
Few things promise us greater happiness than our relationships - yet few things more reliably deliver misery and frustration. Our error is to suppose that we are born knowing how to love and that managing a relationship might therefore be intuitive and easy. This book starts from a different premise: that love is a skill to be learnt, rather than just an emotion to be felt. It calmly and charmingly takes us around the key issues of relationships, from arguments to sex, forgiveness to communication, making sure that success in love need never again be just a matter of luck. Chapters include: Post-Romanticism The Problems of Closeness Partner-As-Child Politeness and Secrets Explaining One's Madness Crushes Sexual Non-Liberation
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    The School of Life
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    The School of Life is a global organisation devoted to teaching you how to lead a more fulfilled life. We offer insights in the key ingredients of emotional well-being: how to form good relationships, identify a satisfying career, minimise anxiety, acquire confidence and connect properly with friends.
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