Pulsar Bath Bomb

$ 12.00 CAD
$ 12.00 CAD

Pulsar Bath Bomb

$ 12.00 CAD
$ 12.00 CAD
Time for colourful bath time? A big yes, as our bath bombs leave no stains on skin or bathtub. Especially formulated for children. Vegan, cruelty free, incredibubbly awesome. It’s not easy to calm kids down after a day full of playing, messing around and exploring. Ours bath bombs takes them on a splashy and soothing soapy cruise. This bath bomb makes a true statement in water only no stains on skin or bathtub. Eau yes. How to daydream safely. This cosmic trip includes soothing and moisturizing properties for kids: Vitamin e. Sunflower oil. Sweet almond oil. Chamomile extract. The dream cocktail to pamper them while sharing a great moment. Soothing bath bombs for kids. Goodness: our bubbles come with a respectful formula enriched with sweet almond oil and vitamin e for gentle hydration and smooth skin. Give parents a rest: this magic treasure fizzes them all the way to bed time.
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    Dimension: Height 13.20cm, width 4.50cm, length 9.40cm. Weight; 188g. Made in Poland
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    Founded in 2012, nailmatic is a French company combining beauty and innovation. Glamorous, nail-friendly and trend-setting—nailmatic has turned nail polish into a fashion accessory. Non-toxic nail polish lovingly made in France. You can compose your custom-made cabinet and find a selection of ready-made accessories Because kids always want to copy the grown-ups, especially when it comes to fashion, Nailmatic has invented the ideal way to play dress up. Like mother, like daughter/son? Absolutely! With super gentle formulas, colouring-book packaging and bright colors, Nailmatic has turned make-up into child's play!
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