Turkey Tail Extract Tincture Alcohol-Free 100ml

$ 45.00 CAD
$ 45.00 CAD

Turkey Tail Extract Tincture Alcohol-Free 100ml

$ 45.00 CAD
$ 45.00 CAD
Turkey Tail is a glycerin-based, alcohol-free extract. Turkey Tail is the most widely researched functional mushroom, it is gut friendly and most renowned for its deep immunity support. Prebiotics are compounds in food and supplements that induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in the GI tract - your microbiome and mycobiome! Rainbo mushrooms are sustainably cultivated in Canada. Made with love. Consume with reverence. Shelf life: 3years
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    Canadian Mushrooms
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    Rainbo creates Canadian-grown, fruiting body medicinal mushroom tinctures and aims to optimize health and open minds. Rainbo is inspired by a reverence for nature and its healing properties and a desire to reconnect people back to this innate wisdom. Rainbo is a sustainable functional mushroom company. We're on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi! We believe that our partnership with fungi is vital to the long term health and harmony of people and planet. Mushrooms have the incredible ability to heal and balance the body and mind, and they help heal our environments and ecosystems at the same time. Born from a spore-like-dream in 2018, Rainbo was founded by Tonya Papanikolov, a holistic nutritionist, educator, entrepreneur and wellness leader. Tonya’s healing journey led her to find medicinal mushrooms and what started as a curious hobby of foraging in Northern Ontario, grew into daily mushroom teas and inspired research. After using Reishi therapeutically in 2016, her health improved profoundly and long-standing symptoms were healed. She became passionately mushroomed and set out to create high-quality Canadian mushroom tinctures and spread fungi wisdom near and far. Rainbo is now a small team of mycophiles based in Toronto who believe the future is fungi and that mushrooms will help save our world.
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