Visvasa - Red Small Scarf

$ 75.00 CAD
$ 75.00 CAD

Visvasa - Red Small Scarf

$ 75.00 CAD
$ 75.00 CAD
VISVASA - LEAP OF FAITH A leap of faith remains the ultimate symbol for diving into your own destiny. It requires courage, bravery, vulnerability. It is time to spring forward and take what is waiting for you.
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    100% Silk. Dry Clean Only. Designed in Canada. Hand-finished in India.
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    RARA is a collection of cultures and a story of survival. Born in Toronto, Canada; each collection at RARA is based on one rare, endangered animal and one dying art form that needs revival and recognition. The first collection is an India-inspired and a line of silk scarves, which is designed in Canada, produced and hand-finished by local artisans in India. RARA is giving back 10% of the profits for the conservation of the animal featured in each collection. Currently contributing towards the conservation of tigers in partnership with the Last Wilderness Foundation, India. Radhika Maheshwari, the founder of RARA, has been in the design and publishing industry for over a decade. Growing up in India, she was always inspired by unique art forms prominent to each state in the country, some of which are hardly known to the world. Combining elements and details from these art forms along with animal endangerment, as a subject Radhika is passionate about; she created RARA in early 2020.
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