Voyageur / 1871

$ 50.00 CAD
$ 50.00 CAD

Voyageur / 1871

$ 50.00 CAD
$ 50.00 CAD
1871: Hollow Tree’s 1871 series evokes the scents during an era of pioneers and prospectors exploring and prospecting in British Columbia. BC joined confederation in 1871. Ushered in by our Father of Confederation and our second Premier: Amor De Cosmos. Amore negotiated that British Columbia would join the Dominion only if the Railroad was built to the Pacific. The Railroad was paramount and historical for the Dominion of Canada and it took 10 years for the Railroad to reach the Pacific Ocean. Amor also created the first forestry, farming and fisheries policies in 1872. A pioneer on land-use policy. Splendor without diminishment - British Columbia’s Provincial motto.
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    Wax: Coconut Burntime: 60 hours Oils: Plant Distilled, Non-Synthetic Packaging: Recycled/able
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    Hollow Tree
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    Hollow Tree is about sharing the love and the magic of the pacific west coast’s impossible fairy tale forests with you. It’s a way for us and for you to share the stories of ancient trees and astonishing seedlings, whether you’ve visited the west coast forests yourself or have only experienced them through pictures and postcards.Tree ring by tree ring, hollow tree was created out of a love for British Columbia. A love cultivated by decades of exploration, adventure, and a never ending wonderment in the forests of bc. Let the adventure begin. RIP to the Founder. We will continue to sell her goods.
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